• The Chem-Blade Original allows you to empty the entire contents and to immediately rinse the container.  This ensures that all of the chemical is loaded into the sprayer.  The traditional pouring methods leave product/money in the container and can be hazardous when disposing of them.  Why not help the environment and your wallet and put all of the chemical on its intended application?

  • An Agricultural sprayer operator going through the field with their 120 ft. booms spread is worth approximately $20 a minute.  Every minute spent loading chemicals is time and money lost. Let the Chem-Blade save you time throughout the day and bring efficiency to your operation.

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  • The Chem-Blade Original is built with high-grade stainless steel and uses a quality TeeJet rotary rinse head.  Don't let the competitors fool you with their cheaper materials and crude rinse systems.

  • Dry bags are also easy to use with the Chem-Blade, 50lb bags of product can be emptied quickly with minimal effort.  This eliminates a tremendous amout of shoulder work required when using traditional lifting and pouring methods.

  • The Chem-Blade Original is universal and can fit in most tanks.  16" Lid and a capacity of 30 gallons or more is required.  Tanks with existing lids that are smaller can be retrofitted with larger lids.  Hinged Lids are highly recommended.

The patented Chem-Blade Original opens, empties, and rinses pesticide containers with speed and efficiency.

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  • Simply bring the bottom of chemical containers down onto the blades of the Chem-Blade Original splitting the jug and emptying the contents in mere seconds.  No more tedious removal of caps and foil seals.

  • In testing it was found that an operator can spray 25-45 more acres per day with the time savings created by the Chem-Blade Original.  Recouping your purchase investment is possible in just weeks depending on jug usage.​

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