Chem-Blade ES

"More Time Saved More Acres Sprayed"TM

Powered ES (Enclosed System) - flip a switch to cut and empty a jug in ½ second.

Automatic Rinse - chemical is emptied and then automated sprayers immediately rinse the container completely both inside and out.

Sealed Chamber - opening, emptying, and rinsing of containers occurs inside a sealed chamber so the operator isn’t exposed to any chemical splash or fumes and no spills can occur.

Time Savings - The ES combines the best of all worlds for chemical management.  Faster loading keeps the sprayer in the field to spray an additional 25-45 acres per day for ultimate efficiency, and there are no jugs to rinse later back at the shop.

Chem-Blade ES -  can be used as an eductor, as an inductor at a supply station, or can be integrated into an existing loading system.

Field Testing of early Chem-Blade ES technology.(Coming to Market Soon!)

Lab Test 1/2 Sec. Empty Time

Lab Test with Rinse