• When a Chem-Blade CLM is retrofitted into the Cleanload Max the operator doesn't have to remove the jug cap or foil seal and tediously pour the contents out. Instead they simply use the blade system to penetrate the bottom of the jug, quickly opening and purging the chemicals. With an integrated rotary spray head the container can then be immediately rinsed.  

  • The Cleanload Max has the fastest eduction rate on the market for time savings, but by also installing the Chem-Blade CLM an additional 15-30 minutes a day can be saved for the operator which allows up to an additional 45 acres or more to be covered.   A sprayer in the field can be valued at over $20 a minute, making the time spent loading crucial to an operation.  The Chem-Blade time savings allows significant dollars to be applied toward the applicator’s bottom line. 

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  • The Cleanload Max’s ProClean bottle rinse working in conjunction with the Chem-Blade CLM allows for capabilities not offered on other eduction systems.  The Chem-Blade CLM will rinse the entire jug after opening and emptying, while the ProClean bottle rinse is used to rinse partial jugs after they are poured in. With these two systems working together, ALL the chemicals are rinsed out going into the solution tank to be applied to the intended field.  The combination of these two products creates an efficient, economical, and ergonomic loading system for the modern applicator.​​

  • The Chem-Blade CLM also makes opening and emptying of bags much easier. Instead of cutting off the top of the bag and lifting above the shoulder to pour out the contents, the operator just drops the bag on the blade system quickly emptying the contents.  Combining the Chem-Blade’s speed of opening dry material bags with the Hypro CycloRinse creates an efficient and less tiring loading process for the applicator.

-For use in Hypro Cleanload Max Eduction Systems

SKU# CLM0016

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