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The ONLY Closed Transfer System for Jugs with Per Ounce Accuracy!

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The Chem-Blade Caddy is our newest most innovative solution for solving your partial jug dosing needs.  The Caddy utilizes the Greenleaf Technologies easyFlow Closed Transfer System which allows operators to safely transfer product without being directly exposed to hazardous chemicals.

Simply release jug contents until your desired measurement is met then let the Tank Outlet Venturi suction the contents into the supply stream and into your application equipment.

Multiple Venturi/Bypass Options Available.

1" Venturi w/Bypass COMING SOON

2" Banjo MIS200 Venturi Kit Compatible

3" Banjo MIS300 Venturi Kit Compatible

With modern spray chemicals ranging up to $8 or more per ounce, every ounce counts.  The Caddy will allow you to handle your products with accuracy adding value to your bottom line.

The Caddy has many unique features creating an Ergonomic & Efficient Closed Transfer System.

  • Multiple Jug Adaptors allows operators to switch from product to product without being exposed.

  • The CaddySight Gauge has individual ounce lines with a tank capacity of 2.75 U.S. Gallons making very accurate dosing feasible.  

  • The Sight Gauge has Adjustable O-Rings which help the operator hit repeat measurements for repetitive applications.

  • The Caddy's Stand is GatorHyde coated, creating a strong layer of Corrosion Resistance for many years of use.

  • Multiple Venturi Manifold Options allow for a broadrange of application possibilities.  From large scale Agriculture to the lawn and turf industries.